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What's a Junk Journal?

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

My creative practice is a big part of my self-care. Self-care is the new black…wait, that makes no sense…but you know what I mean! It’s IN. And, in a way, that makes it weird. Self-care should be about YOUR self, not what’s in, or what someone else, or some expert or magazine tells you you should be doing for yourself. You have to find what makes YOUR self feel cared for.

For me, that ’s getting creative….making stuff. Art journaling is one of my favorite things to do. It is where I learned how to make mixed media art. It is a safe place where I can be free to try, experiment, make mistakes, decide what I like, and learn new things. Learning new things is so good for us!!! Doing it together in a spirit of community and support makes it even better.

With Junk Journaling, we get to play with some art journaling supplies and techniques under a little less pressure and commitment. It’s okay if you just slap in a piece of magazine with some washi tape and call it a page! And it’s a great way to repurpose things you might otherwise have thrown away; or a place to put memorabilia that you’ve got stuffed in a box somewhere. It’s a personal and playful creative activity that is also an investment in yourself.

What's so cool about a Junk Journal is that it can be anything...and each one is totally unique to its creator. It's made of 'junk' that you, personally, collect...or decide not to throw away. So everything that goes into it has a personal connection and meaning for you. Then, the style of making it and adding stuff to it is totally and uniquely yours as well. At my Junk Journaling Art Play-Date, we make art papers with paint, sprays, and other media, and these, too, will come from your own inspiration and creativity. Then we add these to our Junk Journals. This is a great opportunity to explore ways of using different media without buying all those supplies yourself.

Here's a link to a video I made showing you how I made a new one like the one pictured here. It's all ready to go for me to play around in!

And what's even more fun is sharing junk journaling with people who have never even heard of a Junk Journal! Having the opportunity to teach about all the supplies and ways that I make my Junk Journal is very exciting to me! Junk Journal with Juicy*S is going to be some juicy, junky, funky fun!

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