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I'm Sarah Gardner.  I live in a small surf town called Cardiff by the Sea, in Southern California. I'm a mom of two, a house-wife, a practicing lawyer, and a self-taught artist.

I've been art journaling since 2007. Creativity, and art journaling in particular, helps me connect to my self. I am a firm believer that we align ourselves with our own potential and truest essence when we intentionally engage ourselves in the practice of creating…anything…

...even something bad.

My art journal is a safe place, just for me, where I can play, experiment, and learn.  I've learned a lot over the years:  all about different art supplies (media) and what they do; what I like and don't like; how colors work together.  And I've discovered my own creative style.  I get joy out of the process of creating something I think is beautiful. My creative practice is a mindfulness practice where I'm asking "what if?" I am present in the moment, finding flow, and open to whatever happens. 

Art Camp 1.png
Art Camp 1.png

Everyone is Creative

For many years I held Girls' ARTisan Camps for my daughter and her friends.  When their moms came to pick up the girls after camp, they'd all say:

"I wanna do art camp!"

No kidding! The girls would play with paint and spray inks, dribble liquid acrylic, sponge through stencils, and journal about what makes them amazing humans!

People have said to me: “I wish I was creative like you!” I tell them, "you ARE creative!" I only recently became comfortable even referring to myself as an artist! You may tell yourself you are not creative, but that's your inner critic talking.

Instead of judging, let's just be playful, waste paint, scribble like a kid.  We can free ourselves from the adult in our head who tells us we are "too old for this". With an attitude of curiosity and playfulness we can access our creativity, have fun, AND feel good.

Creativity is Self Care

I'm the girl (yes, even though I'm fifty-something, I'm still a girl!) who has a Tutu Dance Party and makes everyone of my guests their own tutu!

I'm the kind of person who thinks a lot

(maybe too much) about things.

Creativity is my self care. I want to help others who may think too much, or who want to explore their creativity, get out of their heads, ignore that inner critic, and play around with art supplies. It makes me happy and want to share this way to happiness.

This is my wish for you.

What's your DJ name? Let's sling paint and drink wine and you can tell me all about it!

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