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Share Your Joy: Inspired Mixed Media Shareable Art

I am overjoyed and super excited to announce

the online presale of my book:

Share Your Joy: Inspired Mixed Media Shareable Art

Available to pre-order for delivery after publication:

September 5, 2023

Welcome to the wonderful world of shareable art!

Making art to share, to give away, is a great way to begin your exploration of mixed media art. It’s been a big part of my creative journey. When you share what you create, you’re sharing the joy you experienced making it...whether you’re a beginner or a mixed media maven.


This book is an introduction to my style of mixed media art as I learned to create making art to share. From postcards to artist trading cards, to mini journals, and zines, I have been making art and sharing it for many years. This book contains much of the knowledge and experience I have accumulated thus far in my creative journey. This journey has been so joyful for me! Shareable art is a way to spread that joy to others. Teaching about the creative process that brings me joy is another way to do this. And so is this book!

In "Share Your Joy" I show you how to create "Art Papers" -  your own painted papers that you can use to create "Shareable Projects." These projects include postcards, ATCs, greeting cards, and special, mailable, gifts. Using this book, I hope you will play, get curious, and explore mixed media - attending to what you like as you create.

If you fully invest yourself in this process of discovery, you will end up loving...not just liking...what you create! And that love...that is the “Joy” in “Share Your Joy.”

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