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Playful, Inuitive Art Journaling Fun!

Students are having so much fun playing with their mixed media art supplies and creating intuitively in their art journals following the 50+ video lessons in my course:

"Love Your {Imperfect} Art Journal."

It is so exciting for me to see!

This course was a labor of love for me to create and a way for me to share the joy and wellness that intuitive art journaling gives to me.

Thank you so very much to those of you who've already enrolled. I sincerely hope that you are experiencing the joy of creativity in some new ways,

and that the course is inspiring for you!

If you have not enrolled, there is still time to do so at the Early Bird Price of $107 (+tax). The Free Tutorial we offered, to share my take on Magazines (one of my favorite mixed media art journaling supplies), is still available to view as well.

Both the Early Bird pricing and access to the Free Tutorial will end on Monday, March 18th at midnight EST. After that, the price goes up to $137 (+tax) and you'll be able to access the Magazines tutorial only through the course Classroom.

In this course I show you how I tune into my intuition as I create pages in my art journal by:

*embracing uncertainty

*inviting in randomness and unpredictability, and

*focusing on the process and not the end result

When you let go of perfection, stop planning, and stop worrying how your pages will turn out, you can stay in the moment. You can be present with all your supplies, and make intuitive choices as you add layers to your pages. You're not afraid to make mistakes, and sometimes you discover that these are the best parts, leading you to unexpected and beautiful results without even trying.

I show you how I do this, from conquering the blank page, to final layers, embellishments, and doodles. I share with you my insights and practices for adding randomness and playfulness to the process of creating so that you can access your intuition.

I know that when I get out of my own way like this, delightful things can happen. I get goosebumps! I hope that those of you who're in the course are getting goosebumps too!

If you haven't joined us, I hope you will! Save $30 and sign up before midnight (EST)

on March 18th!



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