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ANNOUNCING... "Juggling Journals!"

I'm so happy to share that I have an all-new art journaling course launching today at

It's called "Juggling Journals."

As I often create in multiple journals at the same time, allowing a layer to dry while I start another spread in a different journal, I created a class in which I show you

how I "juggle" back and forth between two journals!

If you know me, you know that my mixed media art is all about layers.

What that means for this course is that you'll see how I create

TWO, multi-layered art journal spreads from beginning to end.

You'll see how I take cues from one layer in order to create the next.

And you'll be free to attend to your own intuition in adding the layers

YOU want to add to your pages.

This course is loaded with easy mixed media techniques that result in beautiful, interesting, layered art journal pages. And you can use all or just a few of them creating your own pages. No footage is sped up, and I narrate as I create! It's hours of content and (almost-you don't have to watch paint dry!) real-time demonstration.

I really enjoyed the process of creating and filming this course,

and it is beautifully produced by the team at Create Arts Online!

Thank you Tami and Jerry!!

The course also offers a lot of insight into my creative process.

I want to create intuitively. I want to ignore my inner critic. As a recovering perfectionist, I want to silence that voice in my head that tells me I shouldn't even try to do anything new unless I can do it perfectly...right away...without even learning. When I stop listening to its negative voice, I'm not afraid to make a mistake or a move I don't like.

When I don't like it, I just layer until I do! Mistakes are just opportunities to make a different choice. And the layering process is when I can fully engage in problem-solving, adjusting, adapting to the choice I just made, even if it's one I am not liking. In these moments,

I am fully engaged and present; I'm in flow because my attention and intention

are focused on the solving the puzzle in front of me.

Learning how to create mixed media art in the pages of my art journal has been a practice of embracing the unknown. I approach my creative practice with curiosity and an open heart. I trust the process. The process is what gives me joy, not the perfect end result.

I intentionally try to introduce randomness and unpredictability...asking "what if?"

... as I create.

I'll use a certain tool to apply paint, like an up-cycled hotel key or a palette knife,

that gives me unpredictable coverage and marks.

I'll put a riot of color into my pages with a collage of my favorite, colorful, collage papers,

and then cover most of it up with a layer of light paint or gesso.

I'll use fluid media like watercolor or acrylic inks to drip, splatter, and wash

to create random effects that I can't control.

It's embracing uncertainty and enjoying the process,

rather than judging every move I make

worrying about how the pages will turn out.

I want to be kind to myself as I play in my art journal, and I hope that this course

will help you embrace this kind of softness and openness.

It's all about giving yourself permission to play and learn.

In "JUGGLING JOURNALS" I show you, from blank page to finished spread, how I create two different art journal two different journals.

And what's kind of cool: I don't use a ton of supplies to do this!

I show you how to use one supply in different ways.

You'll learn several ways I use acrylic of my art journaling staples!

I'll teach you how I add an image transfer, embracing imperfection...

because image transfers are notoriously imperfect!

You'll see how versatile oil pastels can be!

I'll give you a technique you can use to transfer any "drawing" into your art journal!

And much, much more!

For the launch of "JUGGLING JOURNALS," and the next 10 days (until May 5th), you'll be able to purchase the course at a $20 discount! Your discount code is JUGGLE20

I hope you'll join me in juggling a couple of your art journals!

For more information and registration, click the button above :)

Thank you, as always, for your interest in my art adventures!



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