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"Art Journal" Is a Verb

Updated: Feb 28



{click on the photo to watch a video preview}

{Art journal is a Verb}

For me, art journaling is a mindfulness practice. It’s a meditation I can handle. I mean, trying to meditate has been a real struggle for me. I know the whole point is to get out of your thinking brain and just be, just breathe. Let the thoughts float by, observing them, blah blah blah. No offense to all who meditate. I admire you.

I'm an over-thinker for sure! But I found the same kind of

calm, contentment, and connection to my Self, through art journaling

{Embrace uncertainty through Play}

I am able to get out of my thinking brain as I play in my art journal. And this is the key:

I come to my art journal with an attitude of playfulness and curiosity.

When we play, we let go of a lot of the assumptions, conditions, and limitations

that are part of our thinking brain. We can let go of doubt.

We spend most of our time living through our thinking brain,

where all our conditioning and assumptions dictate.

This is where the inner critic lives.

This is the voice in my head telling me I can’t do something new,

and shouldn’t even try unless I can do it perfectly.

But you can’t learn anything new unless you try.

In my art journal I can try anything!

{Let go of Perfection}

The part of my brain that is open to wonder and new adventure, is active as I play.

As I spend more time here (and a whole lot less time listening to that inner critic!),

I am learning new ways of seeing and new ways of creating.

I’m experiencing the joy that comes from a new understanding of what is possible.

Anything can happen!

And I’m okay with that. It’s freedom, expansion, and I just feel good. I feel more myself.

My whole mixed media art journey has been about playing with my art supplies and

letting go of perfection.

Trusting my intuition, I am free to engage in a playful process of trial and error

without judging every move I make.

{A Comprehensive Course in Art Journaling}

Love Your {Imperfect} Art Journal is the culmination of my own process of trial and error.

It’s much of what I’ve learned so far through this intuitive creative practice.

My style of mixed media art journaling is a process of seeing what different media do, making little choice after little choice,

attending to just what's in front of me in the moment, and

trusting that I can make mistakes and it will be okay.

I just layer until I like it!

I love that I can share what I have learned,

and I'm so excited for you to experience this course!

{My art supplies give me JOY}

One of my favorite supplies for art journaling is magazine collage and imagery. If you've ever created a vision board, you know that once you use a magazine for art,

you'll never look at another magazine the same way again!

To introduce you my take on this fun art supply, and share more information about

Love Your {Imperfect} Art Journal,

I created a free tutorial!

This free tutorial is available NOW!

{Let go of Doubt}

Love Your {Imperfect} Art Journal is

my way of giving you a head start as you travel on your own mixed media art journey.

I created this course to help you trust your intuition,

and come to your art journal with an attitude of playfulness and curiosity,

instead of fear and self-judgment.

I hope you'll notice the thrill of putting things together in an intuitive way

and creating something you love, even though you didn’t plan it.

And my wish for you is to get comfortable with uncertainty and accept imperfection

in your imperfect art journal,

so that you will soon be less uncomfortable confronting these things

in your own day to day life.

{I am so thrilled to share this with YOU}

Wendy, the amazing woman behind Willa Workshops, and I talk a bit about all of this in an episode of her podcast: Show Up or Shut Up.

{Click on this image to listen.}

{A course I would want to Take}

Love Your {Imperfect} Art Journal is a…what’s the word?...BIG…course!

It's almost encyclopedic! It evolved as I created it.

And even though it’s a course and not an art journal spread,

I trusted my intuition and created something I like, a course that I would want to take.

I experienced the excitement and joy of it coming together the same way

I experience this when my pages come together!

I am so very excited to share it with you.

Class starts March 4th.

You can register NOW at the Early Bird Price of $107 (+ applicable sales tax).

The price goes up to $137 on March 19th!

Click the button to register!

I hope to see you in

Love Your {Imperfect} Art journal!



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