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My Word of the Year 2.0

I promised this follow-up post, so here it is. This is not the norm, Everyone! I won't be posting or blasting your inbox so regularly every month! I had to do a follow up, though, because Chris Karpiak and I filmed Episode 5 of My Girlfriend the Artist a couple weeks ago, and we planned to air the episode pretty much simultaneously with the release of my StencilGirl® Creative Team blog post.

Chris and I discuss our chosen words for 2022. I feel that this episode is a very meaningful discussion of what our words mean to us. We talk about how the words are tools for us to live, and actively create, our lives.

I create these pages in my little dedicated "My Girlfriend the Artist" journal and show the process in this episode. There were points in the process, that I saw as I was editing the video, where I thought..."Geez! Why didn't you stop there?!" I mean the background was so pretty and then I kept adding more stuff! I think this happens a lot when I'm creating. I let go of something and cover it with something else. It's part of my practice, to "trust" that it will all work out no matter what gets covered up along the way. But, I was thinking, while editing...I could use "discernment" as I go along creating in my art journal, and then I might end up keeping that background that I love without adding anything else. Kind of take the minimalist route more often. Maybe that's another way I'll use "discernment" this be on the lookout for some minimalist art journal spreads ;)

The quote I used actually appeared in my 2022 Solar Return Reading. (I get this astrological forecast each year at the beginning of the year because my birthday is January 7.) I read it after I chose "discernment" as my word and this totally confirmed my choice! It really sums up what this word means for me in such a succinct way! I'm not a daring person in general. Growing up my dad called me "Sarah, Safe and Sane!" I'm done being safe, but I need "discernment's" guidance to stay sane! So here's to daring and growing and learning in 2022!

Have you chosen a Word of the Year for 2022? I'd love to hear if you have, and what that word means to you! We are all on this journey together!

Much love, and thank you for reading another blog post! XOXO Sarah

Here's my video for this Episode. (You'll find a link to Chris's video in the description box on YouTube ;)

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C Hayton
C Hayton
Apr 13, 2022

Just found your "new" blog! I'm a bit late but better late than never! Right? I also thought the cover to your delightful piece said, "Balancing Parking with reason and care". At last!! Oops... 🤣

Oh well... it's still fantastic!!

I'm looking forward to gleaning all I can from your incredible talents!!

Apr 13, 2022
Replying to

Thank you!

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