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IG is the New Hop

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

When I received a package of supplies from Mary Beth Shaw of StencilGirl® Products I was delighted! One reason is because I didn't own many of them already...which is saying something for a hoarder like me! I heard a rumor we'd be using them for a Creative Team project or collab, so I set them aside, and I'm so glad I did. Not only did they come in handy for my latest ATC swap, I am using them to participate in a StencilGirl® Creative Team IG Hop. In the days before Instagram, there were blogs...and it was a blog hop. This is something new, because, hey, these days there's always something new! The StencilGirl® Creative Team Hop is a Giveaway you won't want to miss! So make sure to check my Instagram post for all the deets!

Mary Beth sent me the Distress Inks and Pan Pastels (some sumptuous metallics!), as well as the Bristol ATC blanks. I had the StencilGirl® ATC Mixup 1 stencils. I used the Distress Inks to color up the Bristol blanks and then smudged the metallic Pan Pastels through the stencils to create a background for my ATCs.

Then I used 1/2" punch to cut little squares. The Get Messy ATC Club Swap that I participate in every month usually has a theme, and August's theme was "Grid". I used a 1/2" punch to create little squares out of what?...more of my left over art paper scraps!

It gives me so much joy to see how even the smallest piece of my art paper scraps can be used to create something new! I sorted the squares (sort of!) by color so that it would be easier to compose the grids. And you know I'm keeping all those pieces with the squares punched out for something else! It's kind of getting ridiculous, but I just can't throw it away!

Some of these little squares and a few of these punched pieces will likely find their way into my fodder pack for the Fodder School Giveaway, which is currently on as well!

I really love how these ATCs turned out! Their little parts are full of heart and soul and as a whole they look so playful. I really had fun playing with all those supplies (thank you, Mary Beth!). And you know I will never get tired of creating with all of my art paper scraps!

Thank you for visiting and reading today! Enter the Giveaways! Okay? XO Sarah

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