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Heart's-Desire-Dream-Come-True-Bucket-List Event!

When I got an email from Kasia at Everything Art asking if I wanted to be a Guest Host for Wanderlust 2020, I had to pinch myself to be sure I was awake and not dreaming. I still have to do this periodically as I prepare my lessons for the course!

What is Wanderlust? It's a year-long art journaling e-course where over twenty different artist teachers will share their techniques and art journaling practice with Adventurers from all over the world! I was an Adventurer in Wanderlust 2017, and really enjoyed the variety of so many teachers, and benefitted so much from learning all the different techniques they offered. It is a chance to try something new, to experiment, to have an art Adventure. Here is a spread from my art journal that I created in Wanderlust 2017:

I am beyond delighted and honored to be part of Wanderlust 2020! I have been joyfully preparing my lessons on six different sub-themes under the overall theme of "Celebration". This e-course is so well presented and full of valuable information and tools you can use to create all year long. I cannot really express how thrilled I am to be one of the teachers, not to mention a Guest Host! I can't wait to share what I have in store for all you Adventurers! You can sign up for Wanderlust 2020 through my affiliate link here:

I hope to see you in 2020!


Sarah aka Juicy*S

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