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Good Things and Small Packages

It seems like my altered book art journals, and bound plain paper art journals have been on the back burner for quite a while lately. But they are not forgotten. (Stay tuned for a post about them at a later date;)

But I have been a very busy girl!

I've been working on The 100 Day Project, creating 100 paper mobiles out of my art papers; creating more art papers to make them out of; and creating art with all the scraps from the cutting of the paper mobile shapes. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one, but I am having fun, so it's okay. I have more beautiful scraps of art paper to play with, and I've been experimenting with different color combinations and mediums to create the papers. This is teaching me about colors and mediums and what combinations I really stuff that I wouldn't have discovered without doing the Project.

I've been focused on working small in my handmade junk journals because this gives me all the satisfaction of creating without a huge time commitment. My larger art journal spreads take time, and usually I create them over several days. A junk journal is more like instant gratification!

The smaller format is less involved but very fun. And small means I can use more of those art paper scraps! So, the timing for iHanna and Daisy Yellow's Fill A Tiny Journal challenge was just perfect.

Plus, I've been collaborating with a friend in art. We are working in junk journals we made and then exchanging them in the mail to continue the collaboration. However, the first journal I made and worked in for this purpose is still on it's way to her...on Greece.... And I mailed it on February 1!

So, we decided to do the Fill A Tiny Journal Challenge and work in some smaller journals for the time being. I made one of these for me ("swanky") and one for her (M).

This challenge is manageable because the journal is tiny and the prompts are once a week!

Here's my tiny journal and my take on the first prompt: Heart.

It's not too late to get in on the Fill A Tiny Journal Challenge! C-mon! It'll be fun!

Thank you for visiting my blog! It's been a while!



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