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Your Badass Art Journal

Deep down, I believe, there is a badass within each of us. It's the part of you that just knows when something feels right or not. It's the part of you that wants you to be your authentic self in all situations. And it's the part of you that is humble and curious about all that life brings your way. My inner badass appears whenever I feel connected to my true self - and creating is where I most often feel this connection. I think my inner badass is also the part of me that can take down my inner critic...and I mean really put that bossy mean one in its place!

My inner critic is a perfectionistic dictator. It is full of judgment along with "shoulds," "musts," and "must nots." My creative practice, especially creating in my art journal, has helped me realize it's also full of shit. I mean, where does that voice in my head even get its standards? I'm the one creating! It never actually created anything...ever! How can it possibly know whether what I am creating is good, or what I should and should not be doing, for that matter!? I have managed to create a ton of messy, beautiful pages in my art journal...pages that I LOVE...all while ignoring that bossy voice. I think that's pretty badass.

So, how do I ignore my perfectionistic inner critic? My inner badass gives me the courage to practice imperfection. In my art journal, I do this by embracing randomness, experimenting, just playing, and asking"what if?" I trust true self...and follow my intuition. I make a choice and then make the next choice based on what is right there on my pages in the moment...not thinking or judging...or worrying about how the pages will turn out. I work in layers, and let each layer tell me what the next one needs. One of my mixed media mottos is: "Layer 'til you like it!" Because that's really what it's all about - creating something YOU love. Your art journal is for you and no one else. If you don't like it, add more layers!

I'm a teacher next year in the online, year-long, mixed media art journaling course: One Badass Art Journal, brought to you by Tiare Smith of Embrace Your Art. You'll fill the pages of your art journal with intuitive, playful, beautiful art. You can tap into your inner badass and tell your own inner critic what to do with its judgment. When we listen to the badass and ignore the inner critic, we can expand and learn and grow...and actually have a ton of fun! This class is going to be just that...FUN!

You can still enroll (until December 31!) at the Early, Early Bird Price of 25% off the full price. Some taxes may apply, but this is a really good deal! There are 16 amazing instructors - artists that I admire and feel so honored to be among them! With 16 unique artists offering you their techniques, tips, and tricks, this course holds a wonderful variety of art-making styles and techniques to inspire you and expand your own creative practice. It's going to be just a whole lot of mixed media badassery! Click the button below to enroll using my affiliate code:

I hope I will see you there! Thank you for reading, for following my blog, and for being here with me! I really do appreciate it!



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