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Welcome to my website and the new Juicy*S Blog! I'm excited you're here!

Juicy*S is my DJ name. I'm not a DJ. I would love to be a DJ. It's one of my fantasy dream jobs, really. I got this name when my sister, my friend, and I were slinging paint and working in our art journals, drinking wine and keeping track of the funny things we were saying on a "sign-in" sheet...just craziness. We all ended up with a DJ name that day. I started my first art blog with this name, and I've had it ever since.

I'm the girl (yes, even though I'm fifty-something, I'm still a girl!) who has a Tutu Dance Party and makes everyone of my guests their own tutu! I'm the kind of person who thinks a lot (maybe too much) about things. I'm a voracious learner, and I want to be this way always.

I have found that being creative, that making stuff, is a very fulfilling and beneficial activity for me. I want to help others who may think too much, or who want to explore their creativity, get out of their heads, ignore that inner critic, and play around with art supplies. It makes me happy and want to share this way to happiness. This is my wish for you.

What's your DJ name? Let's sling paint and drink wine and you can tell me all about it!

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