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The Joy of the Junk Journal

I have a confession to make. I admit it. I'm a paper addict. When you have this addiction you have A LOT of paper. It's a good thing I discovered junk journaling. I'm putting all this paper to use creating these cute little books and helping others create their own. At my last Juicy*S Art Play-Date - Junk Journal with Juicy*S - I hosted a lovely group of future (if they weren't already) paper addicts!

First we used some colored card stock to create jazzy printed papers with stencils and bright colored Montana spray paints. These paints are acrylics and come in a drool-worthy array of colors. The card stock papers we created were used as the covers for our junk journals as well as some of the pages inside.

Next we used the Gelli Arts gel printing plate to print onto some more paper of varying weights and finishes. Gel printing is addictive, too. When you're rolling a favorite color of paint onto the gel plate, "pulling" layered prints of different patterns and colors, and seeing those "ghost prints," you feel a calm and centering focus. Even the paper you use to clean off your brayer, stencils, stamps, and tools becomes a random work of art. (I sometimes like this paper better than the prints I "make!") You can really get into a "zone" and find yourself in "flow" because there are no rules and you don't have to know what you're doing - you are experimenting and seeing what comes out of all the randomness. The prints always come out the way they do regardless of all your planning. They are....RAD!

While we use these papers in binding our Junk Journals, they be used for all sorts of things. I've used them as wrapping paper, gift cards, sweet little messages or signs, backgrounds for favorite quotes, postcards, book covers, and bookmarks. I have some that I love so much that I don't want to do anything with them! They are part of my collection...they are one of a kind! Yours may be, too. That's why I scan my favorites, just so I'll have them, at least in some form, forever! I may seem a little nuts...getting all of this JOY out of paper! I feel lucky, and I am grateful :)

Please join me for the next Junk Journal with Juicy*S on August 11th. Details can be found in my events here:

I'll supply all the PAPER! ...and the prosecco!

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