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StencilGirl® - "Doodle Vocab" Stencil Launch!!!

I am so incredibly psyched to announce my first stencil designs for StencilGirl® Products!!! One of my mixed media mottos is "when in doubt, use a stencil!" I am an ardent fan of these artist-designed stencils and now there is a set designed by me!

My stencils are called "Doodle Vocab" because I love to add doodles and details to finish my art journal pages and shareable art. These stencils are inspired by a few of my favorite doodles. I hope they inspire you to create! I've created two stencils: "Doodle Vocab" (L970) and "Squiggle Doodle" (L969). Doodle Vocab is a four-stencil 9 X12 inch collection of doodles; and Squiggle Doodle is a 9 x 12 inch rendition of a single-line doodle that I often use to embellish my mixed media work. All of the stencils are larger versions of my doodles, of course! They have a graphic feel I just love. I used all of them in my art journal, and I have made a video showing, step-by-step, layer-by-layer, how I made these pages. Check it out, below!

"Drops," "Woven," "Lines of Scallops," and "Concrete Cracks" (above) are a super fun way to add doodling to your work! "Squiggle Doodle" (below) gives you a graphic image that will add whimsy and movement to any mixed media project.

I am beyond honored and excited to be a StencilGirl® designing artist! Here is a link to the StencilGirl® Products website where you can find these stencils and more to inspire your art play!

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