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Share Your Joy with Postcards

Updated: May 3, 2023

It's that time again! Hanna Andersson is hosting another International DIY Postcard Swap right now! Sign up here, and then subscribe to Hanna's newsletter so that you'll get notifications about future swaps, too!

I've been swapping postcards in Hanna's swaps for going on 12 years. I don't think I've missed one! I write about this shareable art journey in my book, "Share Your Joy: Inspired Mixed Media Shareable Art," and Hanna is a contributor!!! Her segment is all about her DIY Postcard Swap.

Some of the postcards I've made through the years

Here's an excerpt from my book:

For many years, as a part-time lawyer and mom of two kids, the only art I set aside time to do was making postcards for iHanna’s DIY International Postcard Swap. I was creating projects for the kids’ school, along with being an art docent for their classes. And I managed to fit in some art journaling every now and then, for myself. But when you’re working and in mom-mode, it’s hard to make time for what you want to do.

Small art like postcards seemed more manageable, and it was. As added motivation, there was the accountability aspect: I had agreed to make and send cards to ten different people, and they were counting on receiving my cards! And of course, I received ten wonderful surprises in the mail! The postcards I’ve received over the years are beautiful, playful, hilarious, ingenious, fun, and totally one-of-a-kind!

Years of doing this - of committing and sending, helped me develop as an artist. I got to experiment, play, and try new things that intrigued me. I started a blog and posted about how I created my cards, wanting to share my process. The process, I discovered, is the most meaningful thing about creating, and in that process I was experiencing joy! Sharing my creations took that joy to another level. One of the most wonderful things about swapping postcards is the connections I’ve made. In this digital age of sharing online via social media, the postcard remains as my tried and true, snail mail connection to many of the artists in my mixed media community.

Hop on over to her blog by clicking on this collage of Hanna's beautiful postcards!

Here's some of what Hanna writes in Share Your Joy:

DIY Postcards are handmade, “do-it-yourself” postcards. It's your chance to experiment with themes, colors, art materials and subject matters in a series and then share them with the world. There is magic in that, both in the creating but also in the sharing, and the freedom it brings. It is exciting to dare to share your art, to let it be seen and to give it away - which you can do from the first day you start. You can create postcards in any way that inspires you, and you can make and share them even if you’ve never made a postcard before. Being a beginner might even be a benefit, if you can cultivate your childlike curiosity and a humble attitude toward what comes out.

I am so grateful to Hanna for helping me along this journey! It was a no-brainer to ask her to be part of my book. I am so honored that she agreed to do it! Recently, Hanna wrote what I can only call a glowing account of my participation in her Swap to help me promote the book. I am so touched by her writing, support, and friendship.

I've been making my postcards for this Spring's Swap and I'm looking forward to seeing the addresses of my swappers! I love to get this list with names and places from all over the world! I created this series following one of my own lessons from Share Your Joy. In my book, I call these "Painted Layers Postcards."

These are fun to make, and the process is based on my method of creating with mixed media layers - lots of layers of different colors and media, layer after layer, until I like it! In fact, my mixed media mantra is: “Layer ’til you like it!” If I don’t like it, it’s not done yet. “Liking it” depends on your own sensibilities, your taste, your likes and dislikes, the colors that sing for you.

Click on the photo above to learn more about pre-ordering Share Your Joy.

I hope that my book will help you to explore “what you like." Sometimes, you may have to create a few things you don’t like before you can get to something you do like. It can be a process of trial and error. Embrace this process because there is much to learn from it. It’s a little bit like life. If you fully invest yourself in this process of discovery, you will end up loving, not just liking, what you create. And that love...that is the “Joy” in “Share Your Joy.”

Creating DIY Postcards is a wonderful way to play, experiment, and discover what gives you joy in creating. Swapping them is a way to share your joy! I hope you will share your joy this Spring with me and Hanna!

In honor of the Swap, I'm giving away 4 of the original "Painted Layers Postcards" I created for the book (pictured above with the "Outgoing" sign ;). In order to enter the giveaway, you must pre-order my book and fill out the video incentive form. So, not only will you receive a link to the video incentive, you'll be entered to win one of the 4 postcards. If you have already pre-ordered Share Your Joy, and filled out the form to receive the video incentive, your email address has been logged and you are already entered. I will be randomly choosing the winners from the list of email addresses submitted. Thank you for all your support and good luck!



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