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"Share Your Joy: Inspired Mixed Media Shareable Art"

YES!!!! This is the title of my book and it's available NOW for pre-order at online book retailers!!! I am so full of joy to be able to announce this today! Be sure to read all the way through this post to find a link to a special, pre-order incentive!

All the links are added below, but you can also visit my

dedicated website page by clicking on this button:

Order today for delivery as soon as it is out in print:

September 5, 2023!!

As you may already know, shareable art is a big part of my creative practice! Making art...the process of a source of joy for me. That's why creativity is my self-care. Giving my art away is a way to share my joy. Teaching how I make mixed media art is also a way for me to share my joy of creating.

"Share Your Joy: Inspired Mixed Media Shareable Art" is another way to share it. Since the book is all about shareable art, readers will get step-by-step instructions for how to make some shareable art, experience the joy of creating, and then share their joy with others!

I have been taken way outside my comfort zone in writing this book! It has been a whole new world, breaking down each exercise and project into steps and taking each and every photograph to illustrate them! It's painstaking, detail-oriented work. I have learned so much. I am speaking my truth. I am sharing creativity on a whole new level. The whole process has also been so joyful for me! I'd complete one of the projects and love it! I'd process the photos and love it again! I had a lot of fun, and I'm super excited for you to experience

all of this joy for yourself!

We have a pre-order incentive for you, too! After you purchase, fill out the form to get immediate access to a how-to video - Creating Watercolor Ephemera. Click on the bright pink button to be taken to the form, where you can also find links to retailers!

Find my book here:

Thank you so very much for following me and sharing all the joy! Your interest and support means so much to me! I hope you will buy my book and share your thoughts (and joy!) about it with me, too!



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