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Original Artwork Master to Sharable Zine

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

I made my first zine "Finding My Truth" at an in-person workshop with Roxanne Coble, otherwise known as bybun. Roxanne is one of my favorite teachers. She is a talented artist, but I think she's an even better teacher. Some teachers just know how to anticipate what a student needs; and they can explain their process well. This is Roxanne. She has quite a few classes available in her Etsy shop and I highly recommend them. Did I mention I have taken them all?!

In Roxanne's zine class, she taught us how to make a master. We all exchanged mailing addresses, and then we made copies and shared our zines with each other.

So, when I make a zine, I make a master. You may already know that I am an avid sharer of art, whether it be postcards, ATC's, or small handmade journals that I've made as gifts. Zines are also meant to be shared!

I tend to art journal, or create in general, as an affirmative practice. It's my self care. So it makes sense that my zines would be little books sharing affirmations and validations of the self. "Finding My Truth" is about discovering my self worth and setting boundaries. "Perfection Is A Liar" is about my journey as a recovering perfectionist. "Trust Your Truest You" is about a deep knowing that my truest self is part of something bigger, and always has been so.

I'm offering all three of these for sale in my Etsy shop. I hope they can be positive, validating affirmations for others. I think they could take the place of a store-bought greeting card, and maybe they can offer something someone you know needs to hear. I hope so.

Thanks for reading my blog today! I really appreciate you following what I am up to!



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