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Fodder School 3 Term Begins!!!

It's finally here! The new term of Fodder School is about to begin, and the best and most fun way to attend is to start from the beginning with everyone else! Class starts October 1st and we have the delightful Di Venter up first, leading us her version of the wildly popular process of Making Fodder and Using Fodder!

In case you didn't know, Fodder School is an online school where you'll enjoy lifetime access to the full year of monthly lessons in Making Fodder and Using Fodder. There is a different instructor each month with a different mixed media art project.

Almost every month you’ll be making new handmade art papers, otherwise known as “collage fodder,” or “fodder” for short. Then you'll use this fodder to create inspired mixed media art projects.

This year, you'll be transforming those hand painted papers and fabrics into altered junk mail folios, handmade books, decorative and personal wall art, plant pot covers, vision boards, inspiration portfolios and so much more! Plus, all the techniques and styles of art-making you learn will translate into your own mixed media art, shareable projects, art journaling, and even art you make to sell.

Here are some of the fodder and projects I completed during Fodder School 1:

Whether you're a beginner or a mixed media mavin, Fodder School is inspiring, fun, and full of new things to learn. If you're an art supply hoarder (no judgment!) like me, and have a ton of them you don't use as much as you'd like, Fodder School is for you. If you are longing for a supportive and enthusiastic art community, engaging with others via the Classroom, social media, and the dedicated FaceBook group will bring you new connections and friendships from all over the world.

You can see the kinds of things that students create in Fodder School, by viewing account on Instagram.

Who are the 12 Fodder School 3 Instructors?

Alison Bomber @w0rdsandp1ctures

Barb Smucker @barbsmuckerstudio

Chris Karpiak @christinekarpiak

Diane Venter @di.venter

Jennifer Wilkin Penick @jenniferwilkinpenick

Kecia Deveney @keciadeveney

Megan Quinlan @meganquinlanstudio

Sarah Gardner

Shay Kent @shaymichellestudios

Susanne Randers @mitkrearum

Tiffany Sharpe @tiffanysimplysharpe

Yetunde Rodriguez @yaytoonday

As you may know by now, I am an avid art sharer and just wrote a book about creating art to share called Share Your Joy: Mixed Media Shareable Art! During the "Make Fodder" sessions for my month of Fodder School 3, we'll make five different types of fodder. In my Use Fodder project, we will make shareable Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). ATCs are only 2.5 X 3.5 inches in dimension. Our fodder is custom made for this size so it's on a smaller scale. I've previously dubbed this fodder "micro fodder." And YES, as part of my month of Fodder School 3, we will be doing a trade, just like we did in April of Fodder School 1! Our ATCs will be inspired by photographs. My photos are from several of my trips to Sayulita Mexico - and they inspire a colorful and rich array of fodder! It’s going to be an absolute fodder fiesta!!!

Fodder School 3 begins in less than a week. But you can still register for $237.00 USD plus tax (payment plan available). That’s less than $20 USD + tax per month for each full mixed media art course.This course is an amazing value, but it’s also a place where you will feel supported and among friends. Let’s play together!

Here's a little teaser video about my Fodder School 3 month of lessons!

Click the button to be taken to the Fodder School 3 sales page! I hope to see you in class! XOXOXO, Sarah

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