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Falling for...

...first and foremost, FODDER SCHOOL 3! As the first month of Fodder School 3 comes to a close, I feel so excited and energized for what's to come. October with Di Venter, making Coptic bound sketchbooks and then using them to sketch, was illuminating for me! I'd never bound a Coptic journal, and now I think it will be one of the go-to ways I start an art journal! I may never buy a manufactured blank art journal again!

My month of Fodder School 3 will be focused guessed it....shareable art! ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) to be exact! We'll be using our own photographs as the foundation for our ATC collages, and my photos are from several trips to Sayulita, MX. You have surely heard me talk about this magical place. It is a charming little beach town, not too dissimilar from my own home town, and it has a vibrant arts community. The buildings and scenery to take in as you just stroll through town are so inspiring. So inspiring that they had me sketching! I'm not a big sketcher. I mean, I have a bit of a block when it comes to drawing. But the thumbnail sketch, just like the ATC, is smaller, contained, and more manageable for me. Since my Coptic sketchbook cover was inspired by a hat I bought in Sayulita, I thought I'd do some thumbnails based on the photographs as my "sketching." I am happy with the result.

...FUN, as in the fun of playing like a kid with lots of different media. I'm several Art Play Dates in to a full year of in-person teaching! I didn't plan it so much as I just said YES to every opportunity to share my joy by teaching others. I am sharing how creativity can be self care - a mindfulness practice where we connect to our truest, creative selves, and allow ourselves to just play, enjoy the process, and not judge every step along the way. Each Art Play Date this year has focused on making something shareable, inspired by the main point of my book (Share Your Joy: Mixed Media Shareable Art): Enjoying the process of creating something you love and then sharing it with others is sharing your joy.

... FREEDOM- the freedom of hitting the road for my DIY Share Your Joy Book Tour! I am so thrilled that all my planning (since early this year) has culminated in a schedule of stops and Art Play Dates that is going to be FILLED WITH JOY! I wrote a blog about this schedule, and there are still spots at the Art Play Dates set for November 8th (The Playful Space in Bakersfield) and November 11th (The Crafter's Library in Santa Barbara).

What are you falling for? I'd love it if you shared in the comments! Thank you for visiting my website and reading this post! I truly appreciate your interest and support. I hope we will be able to share some joy together soon, either in Fodder School, at a live Art Play Date, or during my road trip!

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