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Be Our Guest!

I am so excited and very grateful to be featured as a guest contributor on StencilGirl® Talk, StencilGirl® Products' blog. I love their stencils, in part, because they are created by art journalers and artists. They're also just frickin' rad! Hop on over and check out my post! There's a video up on my YouTube Channel as well. It was so fun creating this art journal spread. Just pure joy! Thanks, StencilGirl® Products, I needed that!

Even tho' 2020 has been an extremely unsettling and often heartbreaking year so far, I have much to be grateful for. My husband's job is secure and I have had work coming in; we are healthy, our children are happy; and we are managing to have some nice summer experiences due to the fact that we live in a beautiful place and a caring community. We are a social family, often entertaining in non-COVID times, but we are enjoying family time, and we are learning new ways to interact with one another and the world.

And I have art journaling. When all of it is weighing heavily on me, when I feel overwhelmed with emotion and can't catch my breath, I know I can get out my paints, my journal, and my collage materials and create something. It's my self-care and it works for me.

I am also extremely grateful to be a Guest Host for Everything Art's Wanderlust art journaling course, which has introduced me to an expanding community of loving and supportive, creative souls. It continues to be my great pleasure to offer my classes and feedback to all of them. Kasia and Jamie, Saskia, and all my fellow teachers are amazing humans, and I am honored to find myself among them.

Thank you for visiting!



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