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Back to (Fodder) School!!!

Hello my friends! Are you ready for Fodder School 3?! I am so excited! Once again, I have created Make Fodder and Use Fodder lessons around shareable art! We'll be making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) from our own photos. The fodder we make and the cards we trade (Yes! There will be a trade during my month of Fodder School 3!!!), will be inspired by our photos. My photos are from several trips I took to Sayulita Mexico, a place with a vibrant arts community and a surf culture that is a familiar vibe for me. I am so excited to share my process and see what everyone creates!

Fodder School is a special place! As an instructor for Fodder School 1 in 2021-22, I had an amazing time teaching and sharing, but I also loved the sense of community we all created around each month's lessons. I think of Fodder School as greater than the sum of its parts, because it's not just a teacher-a-month kind of thing. It's a community and learning space where the inspiration carries us all to new heights of creativity, and each month can build on the month before. We all inspire one another, beyond what each teacher gives to us. We experience joy in creating, joy in sharing, and joy in receiving each other's joy! Fodder School is one of my favorite places to share my joy, and I know that it can be one of

yours, too! I hope I will see you in class!

Early Bird Registration at a reduced price is only available for four (4) days, starting today! Follow the link below to the sales page at Willa Workshops, to learn more and sign up!

Here's a little teaser to tempt you!



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