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Tho' [It] Be But Little, [It] Is Fierce

Small Art Has Power

I seem to have been working small in my art for a while here. I've been making ATCs and envelopes to mail them. I made a mini accordion journal to use in practicing patience. I am making postcards for iHanna's DIY Postcard Spring Swap.

I'm so excited to have all the lessons I prepared last year finally go live in Fodder School on March 31st!!! I'll be making "micro fodder"and other collage materials in the first part of the April lessons, and in the second half of the month, we'll be using all of our fodder to make beautiful, mixed media, "micro fodder" ATC's.

Even a tiny ATC can pack a ton of color, rich layers, and a message with meaning.

When I was in the hospital recovering from my tongue cancer surgery, I was blessed to receive a reiki healing from two volunteers. One on either side of my hospital bed, these beautiful, elderly healers made their way from my head to my feet. When they got to my solar plexus, the seat of fear and transformational energy, I felt a distinct warmth. Then I saw golden-orange orbs of light floating in my inner vision, and a voice said "You have everything you need." I've been listening to a lot of Caroline Myss, lately. She would say that this was the voice of god. I am pretty sure it was not the voice in my head that I normally hear...that voice is way too critical! I believe it was a holy message.

I was afraid. But, hearing this, I realized, I did have everything I needed. I was being treated and cured of tongue cancer by an amazing team of doctors and nurses, and I was in the place I needed to be to recover. I had love and support from family and friends near by and far away. I had already had good outcomes, in that the surgery was a success, and I didn't need chemo. But I also realized that throughout my life I had always had what I needed as well. And, I knew I always would. I just needed to hear it in this way to really know it. When we realize we have everything we need, we feel grateful. My gratitude helped me heal. Whenever I feel low, afraid, or stressed out, I remember this message, and I am grateful.

You can still enroll in Fodder School! You'll have access well beyond the one year that the course is running to go at your own pace and follow each month's lessons. You'll be able to join me next month making beautiful, mixed media, "micro fodder" ATC's! It's going to be a fun, "fierce" fodder frenzy, my friends!

Small Art Is Good for the Over-thinker

The Mini Accordion Journal I made (and teach how to make for the League of Joyful Artists - Episode One) is some small art that I designed to help me practice patience. A tiny journal like this is a good place to practice anything, I think. Writing affirmations or daily thoughts in a small space requires you to really distill down what you're thinking, or pinpoint what you need in that moment. This is a good exercise for me, because I'm a real over-thinker, and I don't always attend to my own needs (because I'm thinking more about those of others).

Episode One of the League of Joyful Artists, with the theme of Patience, is still open for registration until March 31st!! Click on the button below to enroll!

Thank you for reading today! I appreciate you following me and supporting my art! I hope I will see you soon in a classroom where I am teaching!



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