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The Fast and Furious Fodder Frenzy

It's my month as a teacher in Fodder School and it has definitely been a creative wildfire!

I swatched all my acrylic paints a year or so ago, and thought I was a little psycho for doing it. Never did I imagine that the Fodder School students would get to swatching with such ferocity! It isn't psycho after all! Neither is the amount of paint I have! I don't feel like a ridiculous hoarder anymore! I am among friends! I have found my people! And all this is before the fodder-making even started!

Here's some of the inspiring creativity from students in Fodder School. Left to right in the first row is Marie-Louise's Swatch Ring; Maggie's Scraped Paint Card Base Backgrounds; Dale Ann's Mixed Media Fodder; and Laurie's first layers in Mixed Media Fodder. Second row is Asta's High Contrast Micro Fodder; Marie's Swatch Cards and under paper; Erika's High Contrast Magazine Micro Fodder; and Michele's Swatch Cards and Gel Print Card Base Backgrounds. Third row is Erin's Layered Stencils Mixed Media Fodder; Susan's Swatch Ring; Kellie's Painty Marks Mixed Media Fodder; and Megan's Color Blocked Gel Print Card Base Backgrounds. Click on the artist's name to see the rest of their Instagram Fodder School posts! You can also check out the hashtag "fodderschoolproject" for more posts from class. If you aren't in Fodder School you can still enroll - Click HERE for more information.

I realized back in December, as I was uploading my video files for Fodder School, that I had kinda created a monster of a class. I guess I was just as possessed by the fodder frenzy in making the class as the students are taking it! It is just a really fun thing to do. And the fabulous fodder we are creating is want to make a lot of it! You want to see what the next combination of colors will look want to make more of that one you absolutely love!

I'm actually taking my own class now! It seems weird. I was pretty burned out after creating all the lessons and editing the videos. I thought I was over it. But the joy I'm seeing and everything everyone is creating is inspiring me. It's a fantastic fodder feedback loop, and I have "childbirth" amnesia about it now! More Mixed Media Fodder in process:

The ATC-making has begun as I finish drafting this post, so I'll put up another one and share at the end of the month. If you're inspired, join the frenzy today!

Thank you so much for reading, following my blog and subscribing to my website! I am honored and delighted that you're here and I really appreciate your support!



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