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Saying "YES" to All the Things

What happens when you stop letting excuses and conditions limit your life? What happens when you take a risk instead of letting doubt hold you back? What happens when you start saying "yes" instead of "no," and you keep saying "yes?" For me, approaching life with an open heart and mind, and trusting that it will all work out, has only made my life better. None of the fears, doubts, or failures materialized. Saying "yes" to all the things has brought me new connections with friends, purpose, healing, and joy.

For a long time there was a voice in my head and a lock on my heart that kept me from exploring and discovering what I am capable of. It had me believing that I wasn't "allowed" to put my dreams first, assert myself about what I wanted, or even meet my own needs before trying to meet everyone else's. Where did all this limitation, my own self-imposed cage, come from? I've had some conversations with my five-year-old self recently. She told me where. And I told her we are going in a new direction. Together, we are banishing the voice and opening the lock. We're saying "yes."

One of "all the things" was the opportunity to be a Guest Host for Everything Art's Wanderlust 2020. I had just recovered completely from tongue cancer surgery in the Spring of 2019 and decided I wasn't going to keep listening to that voice any more. I was going to start trusting my heart. I applied to be a teacher, and was offered a Guest Host spot. Jamie and Kasia flew me to the UK, hosted me for 10 days, and filmed (and edited! Thank you Jamie!!!), the six classes I taught in Wanderlust that year. It was the experience of a lifetime - and one of the first one I said "yes" to in a now multitude of experiences since then. If you've followed this blog, or even my Instagram you'll know about all these others. Not only am I saying "yes," I'm sharing the joy that saying "yes" can bring.

And in joy and gratitude, I am so happy to announce that I'll be a teacher for Wanderlust 2024. My contribution next year is an Artful Musing. It will be an expansion of the theme of this blog post centered around my creative practice and what art journaling means to me.

But before that, this September, Everything Art is hosting "Wanderlust LIVE 2023." You'll definitely want to say "YES!" to this opportunity to meet some of the artist teachers for Wanderlust 2024 and be introduced to their art journals, styles of art-making, and creative practices. It's also just going to be three full days of FUN!

I'll be LIVE on Sunday, September 3rd at 12 Noon (PST) with a tutorial I'm calling "7-Layer Art Journal Spread." For me, mixed media art journaling almost always means "layers." I love to play one layer off of the last, in a push-and-pull, moment by moment, intuitive process. I let what is in front of me right then help me decide what to add to the next layer. This keeps me from thinking too much, and helps me enjoy the process. I'm not in production mode; I'm just playing and seeing what happens. It's a bit of trial and error. I give myself permission to mess it up, knowing that I can keep layering until I like it. It also requires trust - trust that the process will take me where I want to go. In this way, I get to experience what it means to "live in the moment." I learn that trusting instead of doubting is what brings you real joy! I can apply this lesson to my life. And it all starts with my art journal. It all starts with playfully slinging paint! Let's sling some paint and make some art together in Wanderlust LIVE 2023!

I hope you will join me! You'll need to register. It's FREE, but in order to receive all the information, schedule, and links you must let Everything Art know that you are saying "YES!" So, click that YES button below and I will see you there with an open heart, quiet mind, and playful, trusting soul!

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