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Get Ready for a Weekend of Playful Exploration!

Save the date for the Make, Create, Express Free Creative Retreat Weekend:

July 13 & 14!!!

All 24 teachers in Make, Create Express 2024-25 have prepared a special lesson for you to enjoy FOR FREE during this weekend. Then, these lessons will be added to the main course: A year-long mixed media art adventure filled with new techniques, inspiration, and community with art friends all over the world! Each of the 24 teachers has created an amazing set of TWO FULL ART LESSONS for the year. It comes to over 72 lessons!

I am honored to be teaching among all of these very talented artists and teachers in my first time as a teacher for Make, Create, Express.

I'm very excited to share my lesson ("Brush Letter Ephemera") during

the Free Creative Retreat Weekend (less than ten days away!),

and I look forward to students exploring my two lessons in the coming year.

One of the meditative and calming creative activities I love is to create my own ephemera

to use in my art journals, junk journals, and shareable art.

That's what "Brush Letter Ephemera" is all about.

So, click on the button below to reserve your spot in the Free Creative Retreat Weekend!

I am a mixed media artist and teacher, but I will never stop learning. I look forward to learning from my fellow teachers in Make, Create, Express 2024-25! I also love the feeling of community around creativity that a full-year online class can offer. We may not be creating in the same room together, but there is a synergy of creativity happening as we all follow the lessons and get inspired, no matter where in the world we are.

As part of fostering this connection, I will be


I'll be sharing more about myself and my art,

and my excitement around the lessons I've created for this course!

I'll be posting on my Instagram account as well, but be sure to follow Art Is Magic on Instagram here:

In my two main lessons for the course, I'll be showing you how to create an Intention Journal. We'll create artful papers to use as a cover and pages or "folios" in the journal and we'll bind the journal; then we'll do some intention setting. We'll create our own watercolor ephemera to use in embellishing the journal, and then we'll embellish pages and add our intentions. Combining my intention setting practice with my creative practice is a fun, meaningful, and rewarding way of creating joy in my life. I hope you will join me!


Wishing you lots of creative joy,


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